Nutrition Services

In order to achieve a healthy lifestyle your body needs proper nutritional support.  Poor dietary habits can lead to a multitude of medical problems and conditions including heart disease, obesity, cancer and stroke.  Alongside proper exercise, nutrition is a key factor in good health and a key way to prevent disease.

At Hōl Health Studio we utilize The Science Based Nutrition program.  This scientific approach can offer a clear path to plan for your optimum health.  No general screening test is more efficient, effective, and affordable than a comprehensive blood chemistry panel.  It allows the healthcare provider to establish a baseline of bio-markers to trace your health and nutritional needs.  As a result, a new generation of healthcare professionals is emerging with the tools that can reveal the more subtle imbalances and assist in correcting them.


The Science Based Nutrition report is the most comprehensive analysis available. Below are some of the key features that set us apart from others:

  • Individualized supplement recommendations & dosages specific to test findings, age, sex, & weight of the patient
  • Correlation of drug side effects with patient test finding
  • Dietary recommendations with meal recipes
  • Compare color-coded current and previous test results on the same page
  • Incorporates multiple factors for each condition or diagnosis including the patients symptoms, medications, blood tests, hair tests, chelation and urine tests